2021 BEST Justice Seed-Funding Initiative for ECRs and MCRs

The 2021 BEST Justice Seed-Funding Initiative is a collaboration between BEST and QUT Centre for Justice, with the purpose of creating new research partnerships for early career researchers (ECRs) and mid-career researchers (MCRs) on topics of relevance to BEST and QUT Centre for Justice.

The 2021 Workshop

  • Date: 27th April 2021
  • Attendance Mode: In-person. If COVID-19 restrictions prevent physical meetings, an alternative date will be selected.
  • Time: 10am – 2pm (half-day)
  • Location: Owen J. Wordsworth Room (Gardens Point), GP-S1215

Attendees will share their research interests in a speed-networking format before forming teams. Each team will then work on an proposal for a research idea that brings together behavioural approaches with justice issues that will culminate at the end of the workshop in a pitch presentation for a project up to $10,000. The criteria for judging will be innovation, impact and value for money. The judging panel (consisting of the leadership team from BEST and QUT Centre for Justice) will then select the winning pitches. Winning teams will then have two weeks to put together a more detailed plan to receive the funding.


Time Activity
   10.00am    Arrival with Centre Directors to welcome and provide introduction.
   10.15am    Industry speakers to provide inspiration on behavioural justice topics.
   10.45am    Speed-networking to identify topics of interest.
   11.00am    Team formation (max 5 teams) around topics of interest.
   11.00am – 1.00pm
  • Teams develop pitch:
    • Motivation for Research – develop a hypothesis based on theory, on previous studies or on a real-world problem, and discuss why this is important.
    • Method & Budget – think about the evidence that is needed and what methods will be used to collect the evidence. Then create a drafted budget for perceived expenses.
    • Identify Links – between BEST & QUT Centre for Justice.
    • Analysis Methods – discuss how your research will be analysed.
    • Develop a strategy – to communicate results.
   1.00pm    Teams present pitch using the PPT templates provided.
   1.50pm    Pitch winners selected.
   2.00pm    Lunch served.

How to Register

The first step is to register your attendance for the half-day workshop, by accepting the e-mail invitation sent on Friday 9th of April or by sending an e-mail to best@qut.edu.au. The workshop will be held in-person on the 27th of April from 10am – 2pm in the OJW Room, Gardens Point (GP-S1215). You MUST attend this workshop to be eligible to apply for the seed funding. Senior Centre members can also attend the event as mentors, but are not able to join a team.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a member of BEST or QUT Centre for Justice
  • Only apply for one grant in the current round.
  • Be employed by QUT for the duration of the project.
  • Identify a sponsor who they will work with throughout the project duration.
  • Form teams at the event on the 27th April.
    • Teams need to be a minimum of three people and a maximum of five people. One additional team member may be added who is not in attendance on the day (must be a BEST or QUT Centre for Justice member). Majority of team must be ECR/MCR.
    • Teams must have at least one person from each Centre

More details about the 2021 initiative, the workshop and the requirements can be found in the ‘Researcher Guidelines‘ document.