Our Mission

To co-create intellectually-led, adventurous evidence between behavioural researchers, policy, industry, and economic decision-makers, where the values of well-being and integrity triumph above all.

Our Vision

Our vision is that Australian behavioural policy and strategy is transformation in people’s lives as a result of courageous science. We seek to become the national thought-leader in courageous behavioural research that embarks on a journey of transformation, propelling society and the economy forward.

By embracing a spirit of fearlessness and intellectual curiosity, we strive to challenge the status quo and boldly explore uncharted territories in pursuit of innovative solutions to society’s most pressing challenges.  Our ultimate goal is to inspire and drive positive change, leaving a lasting impact on individuals, communities, and society as a whole.

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Email us directly at best@qut.edu.au or use the contact form here and we will be in touch shortly.