Professor Richard Brown is internationally recognised as a leading researcher in biofuels testing. He is director of the Biofuel Engine Research Facility (BERF), where thermodynamics and fluid mechanics play a key role in generating energy in engines and boilers. Richard leads QUT’s engineering capability in biofuel testing and runs a large research team committed to applied and fundamental waste to energy research.


Professor Zoran Ristovski is co-director of the BERF and a founding senior member of the ILAQH. He has 20 years experience in the area of environmental sciences focusing mainly on air pollution studies. He has conducted a large number of government and industry-related vehicle emissions projects. His recent area of interest is in the characterisation of emissions from internal combustion engines running on various alternative fuels.

Dr Tom Rainey is the Chemical Process Engineering Major Coordinator at QUT and has been involved in the development and delivery of the curriculum since its inception. He is a chemical process engineer with 15 years industrial and research experience in biomass processing via thermal and chemical routes. He applies his experience from the paper industry to biofuels development, leading the Energy and Process Engineering Discipline’s research program in waste to energy.