BERF Media: Dr Miljevic discusses atmospheric science research

Dr Branka Miljevic discusses QUT field research on the roles corals play in formation of cloud-seeding particles on board the Australian research vessel Investigator. Your browser does not support iframes.  

BERF on TV: Professor Richard Brown talks about tyre fuel

Professor Richard Brown explains how waste tyres can be recycled to make fuels for cars, trucks and engine-run machinery. The segment, which aired in 13 May 2018 as a part of the TV show Scope on Channel Ten, features the fuel, engine and emissions research in BERF, and as some of the facilities and equipment used in the tyre oil…

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Orange, tea tree & eucalyptus oils sweeten diesel fumes

Waste oil from orange, tea tree and eucalyptus essential oil production mixed with diesel provides a sweet-smelling biofuel blend with comparable performance to diesel-only fuel. QUT PhD researcher Ashrafur Rahman tested each of the waste oils for performance and emissions as a 10 per cent oil/90per cent diesel blend in a 6-cylinder,…

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BERF on TV: Professor Ristovski talks about research on the coral reef's effect on the atmosphere

Professor Ristovski and QUT researcher Joel Alroe discuss the potential effect of the coral reef on the atmosphere and the importance of the research aboard the Investigator.

BERF on TV: Professor Brown and Dr Suara talks about Drifter technology

Professor Richard Brown and Dr Kabir Suara discuss a new floating device developed in QUT that can deliver real-time water quality and velocity data. This segment was aired on ABC News Brisbane on 18 July 2018.

'The Drifter' floating device goes with the flow

A new floating device that goes with the flow of rivers to deliver real-time water quality and velocity data is set to be the next defence against flash floods, polluting run-off, and algal blooms. Housed in a relatively humble PVC pipe casing, The Drifter is the product of years of team research by QUT mechanical engineers Professor…

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Transdisciplinary research grant announcement – cheaper face masks project

Cheaper and more effective face masks through design and paper science Face masks are used for an immense range of purposes, such as preventing inhalation of air pollution (e.g. in China) or spreading of disease (e.g. in a hospital). The use of face masks to prevent transmission of airborne particles and pathogens, is limited in…

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Tests on oil recycled from tyres finds a cleaner diesel blend

Old tyres can be completely recycled into lower emission diesel engine oil, instead of being dumped in dangerous, highly flammable stockpiles that become breeding grounds for malaria and dengue-carrying mosquitoes. QUT mechanical engineers tested the oil extracted from old tyres in a process developed by Australian company Green

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ARC Research grant announced

Secondary aerosol formation from engine exhaust emissions This project aims to investigate the role of reactive volatile organic compounds from vehicles using alternative fuels in the formation and evolution of secondary organic aerosols (SOA). Expected outcomes of the project include greatly improved understanding of the mechanisms and…

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