The ACPNS Freddo Frog story

Why Freddo Frogs?

A Freddo Frog is sent to acknowledge someone special, a particular kindness, a job well done, an occasion of note or to say, ‘you’re in our thoughts’.

The use began with Emeritus Professor Myles McGregor-Lowndes when ACPNS was established in 2001. Students received a Freddo Frog in class for a great answer. The use spread. ACPNS Freddo Frogs have winged their way across the world. The ACPNS Alumni Chapter sometimes makes a formal Freddo Frog Award presentation at the annual breakfast for longterm/dedicated service to the Centre’s work and mission.

The choice of Freddo Frog – as opposed to a Caramello Koala or Bertie Beetle – is a deliberate one.

Freddo Frog emerged from the MacRobertson confectionery empire, set up by Sir McPherson Robertson. From humble beginnings making sweets in his bathroom, Robertson went on to become a highly successful businessman and philanthropist, and Australia’s top taxpayer and some say marketer of his time. In the days before women’s rights were recognised, he funded a Women’s High School. He also funded scientific exploration of the Antarctic and many, many other causes. Robertson was also a driving force behind the Victorian Government setting up the laws that enabled many of today’s large foundations to flourish in that state and bring ongoing benefits to so many people and organisations.

So a Freddo Frog from ACPNS carries special meaning for its recipients and should be enjoyed on many levels beyond just the chocolate.