Legal case notes

ACPNS researchers scan Australia and the world constantly for legal cases that involve important issues concerning charities, nonprofit organisations, philanthropy, gifts and bequests.

It will be useful for those that advise nonprofit organisations, their senior management and boards.

They are mainly from Australia, but cases of significance from other jurisdictions such as New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom and USA are also included.

The case notes are currently being transferred to QUT ePrints. ePrints is an institutional repository of digital research material of QUT staff and postgraduate students. The papers deposited in QUT ePrints are freely available.

A search of case material can be made through ePrint’s Advanced Search function. It is suggested that the filters be used to identify the desired case or topic are:

  • Author: ‘McGregor-Lowndes’ (Note: Using the quotation marks is critical for the search to work)
  • Then place search terms (e.g. ‘bequest’) in either ‘full text’, ‘abstract’ or ‘key terms’.

Top Cases that Shaped Charity and Nonprofit Law in 2020

ACPNS Legal Case Reports found over 200 cases in 2020 from charity jurisdictions to summarise and make available to the nonprofit sector. Of these, ten cases have been chosen as providing significant judgements that develop the sector’s jurisprudence, and ten trends identified across all cases reported.

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Quarterly Case Note Summaries

A summary of significant nonprofit case law with links to full case summaries.

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Almanacs contain collected summaries of court cases involving nonprofit organisations, from Australia and overseas, along with updates of legislative changes in all Australian jurisdictions.

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