Giving statistics

Tax-deductible giving

Thanks to data from the ATO each year ACPNS looks at the amount and type of tax-deductible donations individual Australian taxpayers make and claim.

The latest tax stats occupation and postcode tool is now available. This year we have updated the datasets to more easily find the information by searching for specific occupation or viewing the state-wide data from 2008-09 all the way through to 2018-19. You can also view data for a specific occupation or the broad occupation groups dating back to 2008-09.

Want even more? This year, for the first time we have made available the data by gender and age group? Are younger givers different in 2018-19 compared to ten years ago? What about women compared to men? Find out the answer to your specific question by exploring the interactive data on our tableau.

Finally, maybe you’re more interested in how public and private ancillary funds have evolved over time. We have also made this data available for you to view and interact with.

All available to explore now on our website

Play with the data and access the reports

How ‘giving’ is your postcode and occupation? You can find out how much the taxpayers in your postcode and occupation claimed in their individual income tax returns for deductible gifts by using the search functions below. Note: Works best using Firefox or Chrome. Not compatible with Apple. 

Other giving stats and data