Place-based funding

Project dates: 01/11/2019 - Ongoing

This project examines funding of place-based initiatives and activities within both regional and urban Australian communities facing social, educational, and health inequalities to explore how funding can be better coordinated, communicated, and leveraged.

Perceptions and conceptions of ‘place’ in Australian public foundations.

This study examines place-based philanthropy in public ancillary funds (PubAFs) in Australia. While PubAFs vary greatly in their purposes, stakeholders, and operating models, place emerges as a strong element of foundations’ perceived identity, strategic focus, and grantmaking. This article advances the understanding of philanthropic giving by investigating and identifying the perceptions of place by PubAF managers and trustees, contributing to a novel and valuable “insiders” perspective on PubAFs.

In this short video, Dr Alexandra Williamson, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at ACPNS, talks briefly about this study.

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