Organisational Culture

Project dates: 02/07/2018 - Ongoing

An organisation’s culture and capability critically shapes the activities of an organisation, the way people think about and solve challenges, and how leaders evaluate and report social impact. Culture and capabilities profoundly influences workforce behaviour, how they make decisions and communicate. We have found that with the right workplace culture there is increased collaboration and productivity, more willingness to be creative, innovative and open to change.

Capabilities are the collective skills, abilities, and strategies of an organisation, the result of investing in good recruitment, training and performance management. These capabilities are supported by good culture, leadership, technology, policy and accountability. When organisations focus on ensuring their leaders and teams have the right capabilities, it enables them to improve individual and organisational performance. They develop a workforce that is strategic and makes decisions to achieve good outcomes for the organisation and the community it serves.

Whenever an organisation wants to build and improve its culture or capabilities, leaders need the skills and attributes to lead change successfully. Leading change is one of the most important roles and responsibilities for any leader but it is a complex and challenging process if they do not have the right strategy and frameworks to guide them.

Our goal at ACPNS is help organisations create strategies to develop their organisation’s culture and capabilities so they can achieve the outcomes and results they’re seeking.

Understanding workplace culture and climate and the extent to which they support employee engagement, performance and innovation has never been so important for nonprofit organisations that want to adapt and thrive. The Nonprofit Engagement and Innovation Survey is a survey that can be run recurrently to provide you with ongoing benchmarks of your organisational performance and you can also compare your results with other organisations across the nonprofit sector.

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