Culture of Philanthropy

Project dates: 01/01/2019 - Ongoing

Based on the research about how a culture of philanthropy that supports and nurtures development within a nonprofit organisation, ACPNS is showing teams and organisations how to create an internal culture of philanthropy and how they can use this culture to improve employee engagement and their organisation’s sustainability – and people’s joy in giving. Over the past 12 months Dr Knight has been providing interactive workshops for CEOs, Board members, fundraisers and anyone interested in the benefits of developing a culture of philanthropy. Contact us to enquire about the next workshop.

Free resources to help you build a philanthropic culture

Are you interested in contributing to this research, and assessing your organisational culture? You can complete this 10 minute survey which will help us all learn more about what role philanthropic culture plays, and what areas of culture might help organisations improve their fundraising performance.


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