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  • Ruth Bayley
  • Jennifer Kruwinnus

    PhD Student - Understanding factors that enable more women to become CEOs in the nonprofit sector to achieve greater gender balance

  • Maria Leebeek
  • Jill Lovell

    MPhil Student - Can you hear us now? Empowering beneficiary voices through culturally responsive accountability

  • Zheyu (Zoey) Lu

    PhD Student - Studies of Charitable Foundations in China

  • Kaitlin Peters

    MPhil Student - Accountability of International Social Enterprises

  • Margaret Scott

    PhD Student - What influences the dyadic relationship between the nonprofit CEO and board chair that drives fundraising and mission?

  • Natalia Teguhputri

    MPhil Student - Moving Mountains: An Exploratory Study of How Faith Impacts Charitable Giving

Academic Collaborators

  • Professor Helmet Anheier
  • Professor Oonagh Breen
  • Dr Beth Breeze
  • Professor Evelyn Brody
  • Katherine Dalziel
  • Professor Stefan Ingerfurth
  • Associate Professor Renee Irvin
  • Dr Diana Leat
  • Dr Kerry O'Halloran
  • Professor Susan Phillips
  • Professor Adrian Sargeant
  • Professor Mark Sidel
  • Professor Pamela Wiepking
  • Dr Bob Wyatt
  • Professor Walter Wymer