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Centre Leader

Associate Professor Craig Furneaux has taken on the leadership role of the Centre. Stay tuned for further updates.

Program Leaders

Chief Investigators

Affiliate Investigators

Wider research team

Professional Staff

Higher Degree Research Students


  • Ruth Bayley
  • Jennifer Kruwinnus

    PhD Student - Understanding factors that enable more women to become CEOs in the nonprofit sector to achieve greater gender balance

  • Maria Leebeek
  • Jill Lovell

    MPhil Student - Can you hear us now? Empowering beneficiary voices through culturally responsive accountability

  • Zheyu (Zoey) Lu

    PhD Student - Studies of Charitable Foundations in China

  • Kaitlin Peters

    MPhil Student - Accountability of International Social Enterprises

  • Margaret Scott

    PhD Student - What influences the dyadic relationship between the nonprofit CEO and board chair that drives fundraising and mission?

  • Natalia Teguhputri

    MPhil Student - Moving Mountains: An Exploratory Study of How Faith Impacts Charitable Giving

Academic Collaborators

  • Professor Helmet Anheier
  • Professor Oonagh Breen
  • Dr Beth Breeze
  • Professor Evelyn Brody
  • Katherine Dalziel
  • Professor Stefan Ingerfurth
  • Associate Professor Renee Irvin
  • Dr Diana Leat
  • Dr Kerry O'Halloran
  • Professor Susan Phillips
  • Professor Adrian Sargeant
  • Professor Mark Sidel
  • Professor Pamela Wiepking
  • Dr Bob Wyatt
  • Professor Walter Wymer