Mentor an ACPNS student

Mentor an ACPNS student – or be a mentee

An invitation to all ACPNS alumni

Would you like to offer your knowledge, skills and experience to ACPNS students?

Or, if you’ve finished studying and are working in the sector, would you like support from a fellow Alumnus who specialises in an area you don’t?

Micro-mentoring is the no-fuss way to share what you know with others or learn more about a particular area. As a micro-mentor you simply give an hour of your time on a one-off basis when it suits you. As a micro-mentee, you’re also busy with study and often work – so an hour for a chat works for you too.

You don’t have to wait until you graduate to be a micro-mentor – many ACPNS students are already experienced in their field and have plenty to share. In other words, this is about Alumni supporting Alumni and enriching our sector, whether you have completed your studies or not.

To find or be a micro-mentor (or both!) simply contact with your preferred email address and area/s of expertise and or need.

We will forward your message on to our Micro-mentoring Matchmakers – a sub-group of the ACPNS Alumni Chapter Committee, whose initiative this is and who are facilitating the Alumni micro-mentoring ‘matchmaking’ process. *

A Matchmaker will be in touch with you via email to confirm your participation, and will e-introduce you and your match as soon as there is a call to do so. To register your interest contact


* Because your privacy is respected, ACPNS will be your first point of contact. When you contact us, this will be taken as a sign of your consent to allow us to pass your details on to the relevant members of the ACPNS Alumni Chapter Committee.