Join the ACPNS donor circle

Your invitation from the ACPNS Alumni Chapter Committee

As a current or past student of ACPNS, or a friend of the Centre, we would love you to join us in the 2019 ACPNS Donor Circle. The ACPNS Donor Circle is a collective giving model which invites each of us to contribute $100 to a central fund. Our combined annual gifts enable us to give multiple high-impact grants to fellow students of philanthropy.

Each September we will invite applications for grants from students, both current and past, and as a Donor Circle member you will have the opportunity to vote which students will be awarded a grant from the pooled funds. Our belief is that as alumnus and friends of ACPNS we are role models for philanthropy in our community and that together we are investing in enriching our community through awarding grants to students of philanthropy.

You choose…by having an equal voice.

Your commitment

Giving to the ACPNS Donor Circle has never been easier. Your commitment of $100 entitles you to one vote as to how grants will be applied. Quarterly contributions of $25 can easily be arranged and if this appeals to you, please get in touch and we can make this happen for you. Another idea is for four people to get together to contribute $100 and nominate one person from the group to have the vote.

You choose…we are so very grateful for your support.

Your impact

Collectively our contributions will give significant support to our students through a series of small one-off grants. Grants will range from fee relief and bursaries for current students, to assisting alumnus to go to a philanthropy conference which we will all benefit from the shared learnings.  Many opportunities exist for students of philanthropy and as current or past students of ACPNS, you too can apply for a grant through the ACPNS Donor Circle.

You choose…perhaps you have an idea for a grant – we welcome your thoughts.

Your pledge

Donating is easy. Simply:

1. Go to Give to QUT

2. Choose ‘Philanthropy Research (ACPNS)’ from the drop-down list

3. Put ‘ACPNS Donor Circle gift’ into the comments section