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Envisioning and testing future enterprises for tomorrow’s real world.

ACPNS are proud to be the social purpose enterprise arm of QUT’s new Centre for Future Enterprise (CFE). CFE partner with enterprises of all sizes to design and test possible future enterprises that progress economic and social well-being now and into the future. Each of CFE’s four themes explore key attributes and the inter-relationships between them.

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Led by ACPNS: Sustainability and non-monetary objectives are increasingly determining the strategic direction of enterprises, but the related body of knowledge is far less developed than the dominating for-profit approaches. Nonprofit organisations, philanthropic foundations and social enterprises will equally have to boost their capabilities to deliver to their promise in a connected, global world. Research will include topics from trust to artificial intelligence to blockchain to the digital economy.


Led by the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship: Investigating start-ups, founders and entrepreneurship to identify new capabilities, capitalise on an opportunity-rich environment, and revise mindsets.


Led by the Centre for the Digital Economy: Digitisation in the form of sophisticated automation (e.g. AI, robotic workflows) and the design of entire new services, products and business models has become a key source of competitive advantage. Therefore, future enterprises will require the highest levels of digital maturity and literacy.


Fast-paced economic, political, regulatory, social, ecological and demographic developments are creating a plethora of threats which require new levels of robustness to prevent disruptive threats. This includes the emergence of entire new sub-management disciplines such as innovation management or trust management.

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