Research Interests

User experience

  • How can AR/VR enhance human cognition?
  • How VR and AR influence the player experience in videogames?
  • Tangible Interaction mixed reality

Teaching and learning

  • How active, student directed learning may be altered by the application of AR?
  • What are the special opportunities or affordances for learning offered by virtual augmentations of real objects, images and artefacts?
  • How do we transform passive one-way (online) learning into engaging immersive interactive learning using the affordances of multiuser immersive realities?


  • Integration of 3D health technologies in clinical practice
  • Improving engagement with health and fitness apps and services


  • Using VR/AR as interface into building and infrastructure design, construction and operation software
  • Designing for older people
  • Interaction methods and devices in VR
  • Collaborative Visualisation systems


  • How VR and the creator narrative interact with audience agency in developing individual storylines
  • How do we design science communication tools in immersive realities to improve science discourse and engage both scientists and public in understanding science in situ?