HDR Projects

Reporting Practices of Modern Slavery Risk in Business Operation and Supply Chain

Shakoor Ahmed
Supervisors: Ellie Chapple, Sarah Elise Osborne

The Perception of Stakeholders about the Relationship between Corporate Governance and Sustainability: Evidence from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Adel Dhaher A Alresheedi
Supervisors: Janet Mack, Daifei Yao

Legislative Regimes for Cooperatives: Consideration of Form and Function

Linda Bennison
Supervisors: Kerrie Sadiq, Ellie Chapple

Fair Value Measurements, Key Audit Matters and Audit Quality: Evidence from the International Banking Industry Introduction

Chen Bu
Supervisors: Yuyu Zhang, Daifei Yao

A Director’s Perspective: Understanding Australia’s ‘two-strike’ rule as a regulatory instrument: A Director’s Perspective

Vito Giudice
Ellie Chapple, Julie-Ann Tarr

Transparency and Incentives for Disclosing Segment Information: Evidence from Australian Listed Firms

Yihan Guo
Supervisors: Pamela Kent, Yuyu Zhang

The diversity on corporate boards of ASX listed companies

Tamanna Hussain
Supervisors: Bronwyn McCredie, Annette Quayle

Quarterly reporting as a disclosure method of financial information for listed firms in Sri Lanka

Dona Ganeesha Priyangika Kaluarachchi
Supervisors: Pamela Kent, Sarah Elise Osborne

Business group affiliation and audit pricing: Evidence from Korea

Hyejung Lee
Supervisors: Ellie Chapple, Yuyu Zhang

Corporate Sustainability in Australia: Performance, disclosure and governance

Zhongtian Li
Supervisors: Ellie Chapple, Elisabeth Sinnewe
(Doctorate received)

Studies of Charitable Foundations in China

Zheyu Lu
Supervisors: Yuyu Zhang, Ruth Knight

The Impact of Regulatory Changes to Fees and Costs Disclosure on Member Engagement and Fund Efficiency:A Study From Members’ Perspective

Kexin Ma
Supervisors: Bronwyn McCredie, Kerrie Sadiq

Exploring the identification and development of social media risk-management approaches: An employer-employee perspective

Tasnim Talal A Malosh
Supervisors: Sherrena Buckby, Stuart Tooley

Fraud and Financial Misconduct Reporting: The Perceived Importance of Report Recipient Characteristics

Adam Ozdowski
Supervisors: Ellie Chapple, Janet Mack

Corporate environmental performance, environmental proactivity, and corporate risk: A global perspective

Sohanur Rahman
Supervisors: Ellie Chapple, Sarah Elise Osborne

From Survivorship to Sustainability? The Role of Federal Government Support for the Arts Sector

Sari T Rossi
Supervisors: Bronwyn McCredie, Kerrie Sadiq

The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosures on Accounting Conservatism and Earnings Management

Ahmad Shatnawi
Supervisors: Janet Mack, Dafei Yao

Cultural Diversity on Australian Corporate Boards and Indigenous Participation

Liyana Arachchige Ashesha Pave Weerasinghe
Supervisors: Ellie Chapple, Bastian Breitmayer, Alexandra Williamson

Board social capital and foreign institutional investment in China

Xiaoyin Wei
Supervisors: Ellie Chapple, Natalie Elms

Accounting-based Relative Performance Evaluation, Peer Firms’ Analyst Earnings Forecasts and Managerial Decision Making

Xiaohua Wu
Supervisors: Elisabeth Sinnewe, Yuyu Zhang

Corporate Tax: An Evaluation of the Full Publicity of an Action

Heidi M Zummo
Supervisors: Bronwyn McCredie, Kerrie Sadiq