Synergistic interaction between respiratory virus and Bahia grass pollen extract on the immune response of allergic and asthmatic teenagers

Pollen Allergy and Asthma Study (PAAS)

Teenagers are particularly vulnerable to hayfever and asthma, which can have a major impact on their health, quality of life, social interactions and school performance. Whilst respiratory viruses like the common cold are a key trigger for asthma attacks, exposure to allergens at the same time can amplify the problem in many asthmatics. The teenage years are the time when allergies to grass pollen can become a problem, making exposure to pollen another trigger of asthma for many teenagers. The spring peak in the grass pollen season coincides with final school examinations which can teenager performance. There is a need to understand better how these common triggersÍž virus and pollen, work together to cause harmful immune reactions in teenagers in order to develop better strategies to manage their asthma.

This project aims to investigate how grass pollen allergens and the common cold virus work together to make have hayfever and asthma worse.


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