Dr Andelija Milic

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Research Officer

Andelija Milic is an environmental chemist and an early career researcher currently appointed a Research Officer postdoctoral position at QUT. Prior to joining the QUT Allergy Research Group in August 2017, she completed her doctoral degree on studying ambient biomass burning aerosols in diverse Australian environments, with the QUT International Laboratory for Air Quality and Health. During her current role Andelija is engaged in pollen monitoring that provides valuable local pollen information and forecasting to Brisbane’s pollen allergic individuals. She is involved in implementation of national standardised protocols and procedures, and quality control and site auditing processes for pollen monitoring in Australia. Andelija contributed to synthesis and evaluation of factors involved in airborne pollen induced thunderstorm asthma epidemics and has been actively involved in design and preparation of five government academic reports. Her research was published in 12 peer-reviewed articles.