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ABC TV: Associate Professor Davies on ABC TV Weekend Breakfast

Associate Professor Janet Davies on ABC TV Weekend Breakfast discussing how to manage your Spring allergies…

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Media release: Summer is coming: hay fever & asthma sufferers beware

Thunderstorms are part and parcel of Queensland’s spring and summer.  In parts of Australia, thunderstorms can be deadly for people with hay fever and asthma, says QUT Faculty of Health expert Professor Janet Davies. “Thunderstorms combined with extreme levels of grass pollen triggered asthma in thousands of people across Melbourne last…

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PhD scholarship for grass pollen aerobiology and allergy research

The Allergy Research Group is seeking a doctoral candidate to join a leading interdisciplinary team researching pollen aerobiology and its impact on allergic disease. You will join a dynamic collaborative team to contribute studies linked to an ARC Discovery project on satellite tracking of emerging health threats from grass pollen…

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The Conversation: Keeping one step ahead of pollen triggers for thunderstorm asthma

“The recent Melbourne thunderstorm asthma event has led some people to question what made this hay fever season so bad and how this tragic event occurred. Thunderstorm asthma, a sudden surge in cases of acute respiratory illness coinciding with local thunderstorms, ranges from small events that affect handfuls of people to large-scale…

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The Conversation: Health Check – What are the options for treating hay fever?

“If you’re one of the 15% of Australians who experience hay fever, you might have spent the last few weeks sneezing, itching and trying to control a runny nose and cloudy head. Seasonal hay fever is usually caused by pollen from trees, grasses and weeds. In Australia, the major triggers are spring-flowering grasses such as ryegrass, but…