ABC: Have you got COVID-19 or hay fever?

Spring has sprung and in some parts of the country that means those of us who get hay fever are eyeing pollen-laden plants and windy weather forecasts with suspicion.

But it’s also not the best time to have a runny nose and be coughing and spluttering in public while we’re all worried about the spread of COVID-19….

…But your hayfever symptoms can also differ depending on which part of Australia you’re in, says Janet Davies, head of the Allergy Research Group at Queensland University of Technology.

“If you are looking at those places like Sydney, Canberra, Tasmania, Melbourne, Adelaide and even Perth, where we typically see a springtime grass pollen season peaking between October and the start of December, then because of the pollen season being short and sharp the hay fever that people get from pollen exposure tends to be quite acute,” Professor Davies says.

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