Activity 5: Stakeholder Study

Project dates: 01/11/2017 - Ongoing

At a glance

The Stakeholder Study develops guidance on more effective levels of design involvement of stakeholders across alternative modes of procurement


Extensive access to teaching personnel in schools will allow, for the first time, the principles in Commons (governance structure) theory (also a recent Nobel prize-winning theory) to be fully operationalised into a model in an educational setting, and genuinely tested. These principles include layers of decision-making with clearly defined boundaries, and modification of rules by stakeholders affected by those rules. Additionally, the effect of the overall governance structure associated with government financed schools and privately financed schools on the main relationship between autonomous decision-making of users (school personnel) and the efficacy of the design brief for a new school, will be understood for the first time. Another innovative feature of this study is delineation of the individual effects of each of the principles for a robust commons organisation on the design brief for the new school.

In a presentation to project partners in in July 2020, Chief Investigator Associate Professor Adrian Bridge presented work in progress. Ongoing work on the Stakeholder Study is underway. Please contact Associate Professor Adrian Bridge for further updates.

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