Report Launch

The final research report of the Value in Operations project was launched on Thursday 10 November at QUT. The research project team was joined by about 60 colleagues in the room from government including Infrastructure Australia, along with local industry, QUT staff and QUT students. Colleagues also participated via zoom from around Australia, UK, Finland, France, and US. Among those colleagues zooming into the launch, were representatives from the OECD, and again from Infrastructure Australia, government and industry, along with other members of the research project team, as well as academics and school principals.

Please watch Associate Professor Adrian Bridge’s overview of the research and findings across six research activities below:

The recording is edited to omit the introduction, Q&A and acknowledgments, and comprises Associate Professor Adrian Bridge’s presentation and an update from the OECD on their adoption of new Procurement Decision Tool (one of the research activities in the research project).

Presentation slides