The Technology

Man using VR while standing

VR headsets vary in price, but you can buy one for between $500-$1000. Our VR sessions were run using Oculus Quest 2 headsets. They’re fairly straightforward, cost about $479 and you can access a wide range of apps and games. We also purchased an adjustable head strap, recommended to make putting headsets on and taking them off much simple, as well as a storage case for your headset. This made the cost of our VR headsets about $600 each.

Ideally, it is best to have two or more headsets so that multiple residents can enjoy experiences at the same time. The best method to begin setting up hardware and a space for VR in your aged care facility is to nominate someone to be the VR Coordinator; to lead the initial set-up, maintain the headsets, and guide other users. They need to become familiar with the technology, comfortable with what apps to use and have good rapport with your residents.

To access VR, a user will need:

  • a VR headset e.g. Oculus Quest 2, Pico Neo or HTC Vive
  • AC-DC power adapter with USB-C cable (to charge the headset)
  • VR controllers (left and right hands)
  • 4x AA batteries (2x each per controller)
  • wireless internet (Wi-Fi) access
  • a safe, hazard-free space.


  • a smartphone (allows additional observers to see the user’s experience)
  • a Facebook account (currently required for Oculus headsets, although this will change in 2022)
  • TV with an HDMI connection and Chromecast (optional, but desirable for broadcasting the virtual experience. This allows other people to see what is happening inside the headset and can be an entertaining way of keeping observers engaged and interested in the VR experience.)

Headsets – such as the Oculus Quest 2 – usually require a Wi-Fi connection to log in and access most features and content. Currently, a user setting up VR on the Oculust Quest 2 headset will also require a Facebook account to log in and use the devices (account details remain private) and a compatible smartphone to install your VR system companion app (e.g Oculus Quest app, available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store). The headsets are wireless and will require charging using the charging cables before setting up. VR controllers are powered by AA batteries.