Safety Assessment

Cartoon by Simon Kneebone: Clean before use

Before starting a VR session, check with a location Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) representative to ensure you follow any local guidelines. As our graphic outlines, you will also want to consider the physical space, VR hygiene, and the individual user – for example, their health and abilities.

To deliver VR in a COVID-safe way, the following measures should be followed and maintained:

  • Ensure you wash your hands before and after the session. Lead by example when handling the equipment. Clean your own hands with hand sanitiser before and after touching the headset or any other equipment.
  • Ask participants to wash or sanitise their hands thoroughly before and after handling any VR equipment.
  • Sanitise the headsets between each use with antibacterial wipes.
  • Use silicon covers for each headset. These should be removed and wiped down between each use with a clean cover used for each participant.
  • The lenses may also be cleaned gently with a microfibre cleaning cloth.
Four-point VR safety assessment

Download: Aged Care VR Safety poster