App Selection

Photograph of VR user

Apps are VR experiences that are downloaded via your headset. There are a wide variety of apps available for VR headsets and many of these are games that require experience using VR controllers and/or playing games. However, there are also a wide range of 360 VR videos and more simple experiences that are suitable for use in aged care.

NOTE: There are many free apps, but to purchase apps, you’ll require a credit or debit card.

We used the following criteria in our project to select apps that are easy to use with older adults who are unfamiliar with VR, or who experience mobility / dexterity issues:

  • The experience can be used in a seated position.
  • There is little or no need to use controllers during the experience.
  • The app is free or low cost.
  • It’s easy to set up the app for another user.
  • There is limited navigation required.

These apps are suggested for initial experiences with residents using the Oculus Quest 2 headsets. You can download them via your headset:

  • AlcoveVR (Free – some paid additional content): this app is designed by the American Association for Retirees and Pensioners, and includes a wide selection of curated content such as travel and adventure experiences, health and fitness games, and puzzles.
  • First Contact (Free): this app was designed as an intro to the Quest, and can be done seated. Play with a robot and take a trip into the future.
  • Ocean Rift ($15): this app requires little controller use and can be done seated. Swim with dolphins, whales, or even great white sharks.
  • YouTube VR (Free – but will need access to a Google account): you can find a wide variety of 360 VR experiences on this app. Go skydiving, visit the Iguasu Falls, or take a helicopter ride to Everest Base Camp.
  • Wander ($15): this app enables travel to anywhere in the world. Perfect for reminiscing over past trips and travels.