Common VR issues

Issues that may be encountered include:

  • Being unable to connect to WiFi.
  • Being unable to login to the headset with the Facebook account.
  • IT security issues.
  • Casting to television sets when using Chromecast.
  • Slow or capped WiFi.

To overcome these, it can help to:

  • Pre-set up the apps and the casting.
  • Maybe talk with centre IT staff before implementation of VR.
  • Consider using dedicated WiFi for VR, and/or a dedicated TV or computer for VR.

Casting will also require WiFi access, and works best on the same WiFi network connected to the headset.

Ensure VR headsets are fully charged and controllers have ample battery.

Also: Accept that nothing is ever perfect! In two sessions we ran, we could not get the casting to work at all, and in another session we could not log in to the device initially. Technology will sometimes fail: Use that time to gather ideas from residents about their next VR adventure!