Oculus VR equipment

Welcome to the Virtual Reality in Aged Care Transformational Toolkit!

Our “Transformational Toolkit”, with accompanying videos, tips, and handouts, outlines what you need to know to implement your own VR experience into your facility!

If you feel a little bit nervous or apprehensive, try not to worry – VR is designed to be easy and intuitive to use, and will likely be a very exciting experience for your residents.

As one Activities Manager explained: ​I ran a session all by myself and it was a bit hard but still could manage to take Heather to Alaska, Keith on a helicopter and Rita to Africa. It was a short session but I had 5 residents that attended. New people want to give it a go, so I think it’s going well!”

Follow these simple steps, and watch your residents smile, laugh and share life stories!

Download our full VirtualRealityInAgedCare_TransformationalToolkit.

Older male having VR headset fitted Older female wearing VR goggles Older male wearing VR goggles Older person wearing VR headset