Your call for alcohol: Phone support to control drinking

This study tests a phone-based approach to help people control their drinking.

It looks at whether mental imagery might enhance the effectiveness of existing best treatment for alcohol use, Motivational lnterviewing (MI).  In previous trials, the new treatment—Functional Imagery Training (FIT)—has helped gym members to exercise more often.  It has also reduced high-calorie snacking and help people reduce weight.

Now, the largest trial of FIT to date, and the first to only use phone sessions, compares the effects of 2 sessions of MI for drinking, with MI plus another 6 sessions of support, and FIT over 8 sessions. Total contact in the longer treatments remains brief, at around 3.5 hours, but it extends over 25 weeks. All participants are assessed and given feedback on their progress at intake to the trial and at 3, 6 and 12 months.

Further details about participating in the trial are at Your Call.

To participate or make a referral, leave a message on 1300 300 164 or email