Dr Aaron Snoswell

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Aaron Snoswell is a mechatronic engineer with over a decade’s experience in software development, industry research, and robotics. Aaron’s PhD developed new theories and machine learning algorithms for modelling and understanding behaviour using Inverse Reinforcement Learning and was undertaken jointly at the UQ school of Mathematics and Physics and the school of IT and Electrical Engineering. He is a UQ Global Change Scholar and has taught into both undergraduate and postgraduate courses examining advanced statistics, machine learning, pattern recognition, data science, and robotics and control theory. Aaron has a particular research interest in the philosophy and regulation of autonomous decision-making agents, and how these systems can be understood through social-technical and Reinforcement Learning models.

Aaron’s engineering experience has focussed on assisting multi-disciplinary teams with the development and translation of novel and prototype technologies into practice. He has worked across varied regulatory environments, including biomedical device development, the aerospace and defence sectors, clinical research, health services policy, and commercial pilot and astronaut training.