Tech for Good: ADM+S Dark Ads Hackathon

The Dark Ads Hackathon will build capacity in the area of online advertising accountability by sharing tools and fostering a network of researchers working in this area.

The Hackathon will run Wednesday 28 September to Friday 30 September. Click here to apply and for further information.

Targeted ads are visible only to those to whom they are directed, so how can we determine whether they are predatory, discriminatory, false or misleading?

Join the Dark Ads Hackathon to help provide transparency in online advertising. We invite you to explore recently acquired sets of ads to reveal how they are targeted to particular demographic categories. Be part of developing innovative approaches and tools for holding social media advertisers accountable.

The Challenge

Hackathon participants will be provided access to existing ad accountability tools including a Facebook ad collector and a Twitter ad collector and the data collected by these tools. They will be asked to design approaches, including tools to enhance or improve these tools and/or to help make sense of the data they have collected. The designs will address the following key challenges:

  • Developing new forms of accountability for online ads
  • Developing approaches for sorting and searching through large databases of ads
  • Designing tools and approaches for collecting, archiving, and sorting targeted ads online.

We expect concepts that consider ethics at every stage from design to governance. The ideas are encouraged to be evidence-based and created from community knowledge. Social tech needs to showcase collective benefits for society.

Who Are You?

  • Participants over 18 years with various levels of experience
  • Participants who are interested in ethics by design, privacy, and public accountability for commercial institutions
  • Participants who bring relevant skills from a range of disciplines, including both humanities and the sciences
  • Participants willing to join inter-disciplinary teams that include fabricators, developers, software engineers, designers and technologists as well as legal scholars, sociologists, anthropologists, and other humanities-oriented disciplines
  • Participants who are interested in the social, cultural, and political role of advertising

Click here to apply and for further information.