New book: Everyday Data Cultures

ADM+S researchers Jean BurgessKath AlburyAnthony McCosker and Rowan Wilken have brought together their knowledge and expertise in digital media and communication studies in this new book Everyday Data Cultures.

This book establishes a new theoretical framework for understanding everyday experiences of data and automation, and offers guidance on the ethical responsibilities we share as we learn to live together with data-driven machines.

Everyday Data Cultures shows how ordinary people are negotiating the datification of society from gig worker activism to wellness tracking with sex toys and TikTokers manipulation of the Algorithm.

There is no better or more comprehensive look at what datafication means and at its consequences than Everyday Data Cultures. The book’s masterful critical analysis provides not only an understanding of datafication but alternatives to the commercialization of data and options to reclaim it as a public good.

Steve Jones, University of Illinois Chicago

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