Professor Belinda Bennett

Professor Belinda Bennett is Professor of Health Law and Director of Research in the School of Law. Her research addresses contemporary challenges for law in regulating new technologies in health care and in responding to public health emergencies.

Belinda Bennett

‘Law has a vitally important role to play in helping us to respond to contemporary challenges. It can provide clarity, guidance, and protection of rights.’

‘Our laws need to be able to address rapidly changing science while still reflecting community values.’

‘My research aims to develop our understandings of the legal, social and ethical issues that arise in relation to new technologies in health care and in public health, and the challenges for law in regulating them.’

Publications by Belinda Bennett

COVID-19, Law and Regulation

Bennett, Belinda, Freckelton, Ian, Wolf, Gabrielle (2023) COVID-19, Law and Regulation : Rights, Freedoms, and Obligations in a Pandemic

Australian Public Health Law

Belinda Bennett and Ian Freckelton (Eds.) (2023) Australian Public Health Law. The Federation Press.

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Pandemics, Public Health Emergencies and Government Powers

Bennett, Belinda, Freckelton, Ian (2021) Pandemics, Public Health Emergencies and Government Powers : Perspectives on Australian Law

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