Planning for healthy ageing

Planning for healthy ageing

The promotion of healthy and positive ageing is a globally significant challenge. Ageing requires people to plan for their futures as perceptions of ageing evolve. Innovative healthcare, legal, accommodation, technologies, financial products, services and supports are needed. The human rights of people should be recognised, promoted and protected. Adopting a whole of life course approach to ageing our research applies transdisciplinary and pioneering approaches.

Our research focuses on:

  • capacity and decision-making
  • assessing incapacity
  • cognitive impairment including dementia
  • future planning including trusts, wills and enduring powers of attorney
  • financial security and supports including NDIS
  • accommodation including ageing in-place, retirement villages and aged care facilities
  • elder abuse
  • human rights including discrimination and ageism
  • adult safeguarding
  • access to justice including dispute resolution, redress, compensation and remedies for injury to at-risk adults

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