Public lectures

Hear from health law experts:

Annual orations

The Australian Centre for Health Law Research holds annual orations, which have been delivered by leading international experts in health law. Recent orations are listed below:

Professor Emily Jackson – Regulating Reproduction (November 2023)

Professor Emma Cave – The sufficiency of young adults’ autonomy (December 2022)

Justice Peter Applegarth and Andrew Denton – New Voluntary Assisted Dying Legislation (March 2022)

Previous annual orations

  • 2020: Professor David Studdert (Standford University, US) – Firearm Violence in America
  • 2019: Professor Jane Kaye (Oxford University, UK) – Digital Health, Citizens and Commercialisation
  • 2018: Professor Luc Deliens (Vrije Universiteit Brussel & Ghent University, Belgium) – Assisted Dying and Palliative Care
  • 2017: The Hon. Michael Kirby – Human Rights Meets Global Pharma
  • 2016: Professor Jocelyn Downie (Dalhousie University, Canada) – Legalisation of Medical Assistance in Dying
  • 2015: Professor Lawrence Gostin (Georgetown University, US) – Ebola: A Global Public Health Crisis
  • 2014: Professor Julian Savulescu (Oxford University, UK) – Voluntary Palliated Starvation
  • 2013: Professor Loane Skene (University of Melbourne, Australia) – Paying for donated eggs for medical research