Dr Steph Jowett

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Lecturer, Faculty of Business and Law

PhD (Queensland University of Technology), Bachelor of Laws - Second Class Honours - Division A (Queensland University of Technology)

Dr Steph Jowett is a socio-legal researcher in health law based in Meanjin (Brisbane, Australia). Steph joined the Law School as a Lecturer in March 2020. She graduated from QUT in 2013 with a Bachelor of Laws and was awarded her doctorate from the School of Law in September 2020. She was a recipient of the Faculty of Business and Law Executive Dean’s Commendation for Higher Degree Research for her doctoral thesis on 'Legal barriers to consent for medical treatment of trans and gender diverse youth: A comparative and medico-legal analysis' which considered the law in Australia and in England and Wales.

Steph's research spans a range of socio-legal issues, predominately focusing on the intersection of children's health and law. While her publications principally concern consent for medical treatment of young people and access to healthcare for trans youth, she is also published on matters relating to: adolescent decision making capacity and the law; consent for involvement of children in health research; coronial determinations of suicide; and genomic data-sharing. In her work, Steph seeks to develop ways that the law can align with medicine and other bodies of knowledge.

Steph's research has been published in leading Australian and international peer-reviewed journals. Her first monograph, Consent for Medical Treatment of Trans Youth (Cambridge University Press, 2022) examines and compares the law in Australia, England and Wales and assesses how congruent the law in those jurisdictions is with medical knowledge.

Steph teaches law students about health law and about doing research. She also teaches nursing students about law and ethics as they relate to healthcare and professional nursing practice. Steph is available to discuss research and postgraduate supervision of health law topics.

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