Global Law, Science and Technology Seminar Series

Wills formalities in the 21st Century – Promoting testamentary intention in the face of societal change and advancements in technology (3rd November 2021)

In the fifth QUT Global Law, Science and Technology seminar series for 2021, co-hosted by the Australian Centre for Health Law Research (ACHLR), Professor Bridget Crawford investigated the purposes of traditional will-making requirements and their continued vitality in the context of remotely witnessed wills:


The Autonomous Subject at the End of Life: Autonomy, Vulnerability, and Medical Assistance in Dying

In this third QUT Global Law, Science and Technology seminar for 2021, co-hosted by the Australian Centre for Health Law Research (ACHLR), Professor Margaret Isabel Hall, Adjunct Professor ACHLR, looked critically at the problematic construction and application of “autonomy” and “vulnerability” and considered the difference it would make to place an alternative account of these ideas at the principled centre of analysis:

Feature articles

3D printing and the right to repair (24 August, 2021)

Professor Matthew Rimmer calls for 3D printing-led Australian right to repair reform. Find out more.


The importance of clear triage protocols (24 May, 2021)

Dr Eliana Close talks about the ethical and legal need for clear triage protocols to support clinicians when making difficult resource allocation decisions during pandemics and disasters. With Cate Swannell, news and online editor with The Medical Journal of Australia. Listen now.

Coffee with a Colleague series

In this series, ACHLR researchers will discuss their research and projects with key collaborators and colleagues.

Episode 5 – Transitions in decision-making authority at the end of life: challenges in educating clinicians and changing law and practice.

Associate Professor Shih-Ning Then discusses end of life organ donation decisions with Associate Professor Dominique Martin from Deakin University:

Episode 4 – Intellectual Property and Access to Essential Medicines: Public Health and the Coronavirus COVID-19

Dr Matthew Rimmer, Professor of Intellectual Property and Innovation Law, QUT, in conversation with Dr Muhammad Zaheer Abbas, Senior Research Assistant, ARC Discovery Project on Intellectual Property and 3D Printing, QUT:

Episode 3 – Voluntary Assisted Dying in the US and Australia: Comparing Legislative Choices

Dr Eliana Close in conversation with Professor Thaddeus Mason Pope, Professor Law, Mitchell Hamline School of Law:

Episode 2 – Skeletons in the Closet: A challenge for medicine, ethics and law

Adjunct Professor Anne-Maree Kelly in conversation with Professor Simon Craig, Emergency Pyhsician, Monash Medical Centre and Jonathan Coman, Student, Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and Global Studies student, Monash University:

Episode 1 – Non-beneficial treatment at the end of life and decision making in the COVID-19 pandemic

Dr Eliana Close in conversation with Associate Professor James Downar, University of Ottawa, Canada: