Australian Centre for Health Law Research

Health law is critical to support health systems, the delivery of health services and positive health outcomes for everyone. As society evolves, research provides the evidence base for the constant reform which allows health law, policy practice, ethics, and regulation to keep pace with social change.  

Our research critically evaluates the legal, ethical, policy and regulatory frameworks, both conceptual and practical, which support and regulate the delivery of health services in diverse contexts. It distils the links between historical and current law, and its informing ethical and social realities and principles. We employ a range of research methods, including doctrinal, ethical, and empirical approaches. Our research explains for academic, professional and community audiences why the law takes its current form, how it can be critiqued, and how it might be reformed. This research serves the interests of the individuals, communities, and institutions that deliver and benefit from health services and other interventions that aim to improve health locally and globally.

Meet the ACHLR team.

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