Entrepreneurs, business advisors, governments and non-profit organisations draw on our internationally recognised expertise to create policies, start businesses, innovate and improve performance.

Our researchers develop cutting-edge knowledge and resources, bringing together expertise in areas including accounting, management, marketing and creative industries.

ACE Research Themes

Entrepreneurial Diversity in People

  • Psychology
  • Indigenous Entrepreneurship
  • Gender
  • Social
  • Nascent
  • Youth

Beyond Entrepreneurial Opportunities

  • Environmental Changes as External Enablers of Entrepreneurship
  • Salient Characteristics of New Venture Ideas
  • Opportunity Confidence and its measurement
  • Technological transformation and entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Boards and financial performance in non-listed family firms

The Entrepreneurial Process 

  • Start-Up Process Research Review
  • Start-Up Process Duration
  • Bricolage in the Entrepreneurial Process

Entrepreneurial Regions

  • Cities
  • Ecosystem
  • Rural Entrepreneurship
  • Economic Geography
  • Industrial Transformation
  • International

Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Australia

  • Life Cycle of Ethnic Enclaves
  • Institutional Logic
  • Sharing Economy

Data Analytics and Metrics

  • Big Data and Advanced Analytics (AI, ML)
  • GEM (Australian chapter of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor)
  • LABii (Longitudinal Australian Business Integrated Intelligence database)
  • eStrategy Tracker