Financial Performance in Non-Listed Family Firms: The impact of different board structures and configurations

How do Boards create value in family businesses?                                          

We are conducting a study into when and how boards enhance (or erode) financial performance in family business and we need your help! We are surveying owners and senior executives of non-listed, family firms to help us investigate this important question.

Please take a few minutes to complete a short survey.  Your input will provide a valuable contribution to this Masters project and the findings may lead to

improved guidance for business owners.

After completing the research project, a copy of the findings will be made available in mid-2022 to all participants, at their request.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Matthew Dunstan on 07 3138 6611 or by email:

Supervisors: Professor Martin Obschonka, Professor Kevin Desouza, Associate Professor Artemis Chang
QUT Ethics Approval Number 1049



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