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Funded projects

Other projects

Indigenous entrepreneurship

Enterprise development has strong potential to improve the economic and social conditions for Indigenous Australians. We are researching better ways to encourage and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander enterprise.

Contact Paul Steffens for more information.

Immigrant entrepreneurship

Over 10 million Australians are first- or second-generation immigrants, and 1.6 million of these are new business owner-managers (based on CAUSEE data). Immigrant entrepreneurs have been identified as a valuable national resource.

We are finding out how ethnic enclaves foster and inhibit immigrant entrepreneurship.

Contact Roxane Zolin for more information.

Senior entrepreneurship in Australia: active ageing and extending working lives

The population and labour force in Australia are ageing, but seniors experience challenges maintaining active employment.

This study, led by Swinburne university, has identified entrepreneurship opportunities for those aged over 55 to stay active through purposeful work and start-up activities, while enhancing valuable skills and networks.

Contact Roxane Zolin for more information.

Entrepreneurial opportunities

These projects investigate which entrepreneurial opportunities tend to be successfully initiated and exploited.

  • What facilitates or hinders the discovery and exploitation of entrepreneurial opportunities? A systematic comparison of the independent and corporate contexts
  • Discovery and exploitation of entrepreneurial opportunities: the differential effects of organizational antecedents on dimensions of corporate entrepreneurship

Developing countries and entrepreneurship

Enterprise development is critical to poverty alleviation in developing countries. Large sums are spent on micro-credit, but little is known about what the very poor need to create an enterprise that provides them a sustainable future.

This project collects data on very poor borrowers to investigate the barriers to success and strategies to overcome them.

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