Paper Development Sessions (PDS)

What are PDS Sessions?

PDS sessions are expert-led roundtable discussions of selected papers that were submitted on time to the main academic program of ACERE. The goal of PDS sessions is to facilitate in-depth quality feedback on your work in a small group setting. One experienced scholar with experience publishing in top-tier outlets, as well as two of your fellow PDS session participants will be allotted to your paper. These individuals will read and review your paper prior to the conference and provide written and face-to-face feedback on your work.

Why would I want to nominate my paper for a PDS session?

Having your paper included in a PDS session, rather than a normal paper session, offers several benefits:

  • Receiving individual feedback by people that have read your paper
  • The opportunity to ask questions to leading academics
  • The time to enter an in-depth discussion of issues

What is expected of me?

If you decide to nominate your paper for a PDS session, rather than a normal paper presentation, please note that:

  • You will be required to provide written reviews on 2-3 other PDS papers, prior to the conference.
  • You are expected to actively participate in the sessions in which you are assigned a role as author or reviewer (at a minimum).

Please email any questions to