Visit ACE in a Sustainable Way

Sustainable Transportation Options to Visit the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research at Gardens Point Campus

At the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research, we are committed to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship and promoting sustainable practices contributing to a greener future. As part of this commitment, we encourage all our visitors to consider using eco-friendly transportation options when visiting our campus at Gardens Point.

We are located at Z Block, Level 9, Gardens Point Campus! Please consider the following ways to visit us in a more sustainable way.

1. Public Transportation:

Bus: The bus network in Brisbane is extensive and convenient. Several bus routes have stops near our campus. Plan your journey using TransLink’s planner to find the most suitable route.

Train: The nearby train station provides convenient access to our campus. Trains are a fast and efficient mode of transport, offering a comfortable journey to Gardens Point.

Ferry: For a scenic and relaxed journey, consider taking a ferry to the South Bank terminal, just a short walk from our campus. Enjoy the stunning Brisbane River views along the way.

2. Cycling:

Cycling is a fantastic option to incorporate exercise into your journey. Our campus is equipped with bike racks and facilities for cyclists. Brisbane offers a network of dedicated bike lanes and paths, making your cycling journey safe and enjoyable.

3. Carpooling:

If you’re travelling with others, consider carpooling to reduce the number of vehicles on the road. Sharing a ride reduces your carbon footprint and contributes to less traffic congestion.

4. Walking:

For those nearby, walking is a wonderful way to reach our campus while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. It’s a great opportunity to stay active and contribute to a cleaner environment.

By choosing sustainable transportation options, you’re positively impacting the environment and embracing a healthier, more eco-conscious lifestyle. We applaud your efforts to support a greener future and look forward to welcoming you to the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research at the Gardens Point campus.

Edited by Mehrzad Saeedikiya