ACE International Visiting Program

ACE is known globally as an inclusive and welcoming place where entrepreneurship researchers on many levels are encouraged to develop and build collaborative relationships, and to spend time focusing on their own projects and publications. Over the years ACE has hosted visitors who have come for varying durations of time, some have come just for a couple of weeks, many for 3-6 months, others for up to 12 months or more.

During your visit we do ask that you become actively involved by presenting research seminar/s, and/or running workshops where you may have specific expertise that will benefit our students and staff. We encourage senior scholars to mentor or meet with our student groups and to become involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem across the university. You are also encouraged to become involved in public events where ACE aims to capture and create impact for practitioners and policy makers.

Please consider these opportunities when thinking about your proposed program: how might you become involved; how would you like to present your work; how can you make the most of the expertise and experience you can bring to the ACE research community.

As a visiting researcher at ACE you are encouraged and most welcome to join and participate in all activities offered to our staff and students. And although we cannot offer remuneration, we can offer a place to work, access to computer, internet, library etc.

If you have an interest to visit ACE please submit your expression of interest to