Sarfraz Ali Kyani

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PhD Student

Sarfraz Ali Kyani is a PhD candidate at QUT and a recipient of ARC Training Centre for M3D Innovation Scholarship in relation to subproject ‘Recycling of automotive parts for additive manufacturing’.

Sarfraz possesses fifteen years of experience in academic as well as corporate sector organisations. Before coming to Queensland for his PhD, he was working as a cluster head Marketing and Entrepreneurship at FAST National University, Islamabad. He has been an advocate for economic transformation through entrepreneurship education in Pakistan. His focus has been to prepare the young adults for their own ventures, specifically providing economic and financial advice. Prior to joining academia, Sarfraz has worked in a leading telecom company in Pakistan as specialist strategic planning and business development and also as a management consultant for a financial consulting firm.

He is CEO and co-founder Deventions, an event management and PR firm. He is also a social entrepreneur and running a charity school for the underprivileged children of Pakistan.

Sarfraz has an undergraduate degree in finance, an MBA (bi-majors) in finance and marketing and MS in Entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education are the subjects very close to his heart. He is also a recipient of thematic research grant on ‘Entrepreneurship education’ by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.