Runali Alpesh Maniya

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MPhil student

Runali has recently joined the Australian Centre of Entrepreneurship (ACE) Research team at QUT Business School, bringing with her a diverse range of academic and industry experiences from both India and Australia.

Having completed her bachelor’s degree in business administration in India, Runali subsequently gained valuable work experience in the education and healthcare sectors. In pursuit of her master’s degree, she made the decision to relocate to Australia, where she successfully completed a Master of Business (Organizational Sustainability and Leadership) degree at The University of Queensland, earning distinction. Throughout her studies, Runali demonstrated outstanding academic performance, receiving accolades such as the Wise Leader Award and the Dean’s Commendation Award for her academic excellence. Furthermore, she has been a member of the winning teams in the UQ Start-Up Academy 2019 and Climatehack Queensland 2019.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Runali has professional experience in executive and managerial roles within various sectors, including higher education, retail, and not-for-profit organizations, both during and after her graduation in Australia. Notably, she founded a startup named SDG Impactors, which aimed to promote SDG Goals.

Currently, Runali’s research is centred around the development of policies specifically targeted at migrant women entrepreneurship.