Prof Rowena Barrett

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Doctor of Philosophy (University of Melbourne)

Professor Rowena Barrett is Executive Director, QUT Entrepreneurship .

QUT Entrepreneurship operates across the whole of the University, from a base in the QUT Business School.  The mission is to provide opportunities for all QUT students and staff to engage in entrepreneurship. This will be done through collaboration to realise QUT’s entrepreneurial potential, by building a learning program to inspire, develop the means and have the places for entrepreneurial practice, and positioning QUT as the place for student entrepreneurship.

The QUT Entrepreneurship  office is in B Block (B110) at the Gardens Point campus.  The QUT foundry, which is the Hub for QUT entrepreneurship activity, is located in B Block (B200b) at the Gardens Point campus as well as at The Precinct (level 1) in Fortitude Valley.

Rowena is an experienced and authentic leader who brings integrity, purpose and commitment to engaging people across many domains inside and outside the university around entrepreneurship.  She brings academic and practical understanding of motivations and drivers for entrepreneurship and has been instrumental in activating the University’s entrepreneurship DNA as well as ensuring QUT is a key player in the wider Queensland entrepreneurial ecosystem.

As an academic, Rowena is widely recognized as an expert in managing people in smaller and entrepreneurial firms.  Through her research Rowena has sought to unlock understandings of effective practice through impactful engagements in collaboration with industry and government.  She has a sizeable research portfolio and her work has been published widely in a range of different formats and media as she seeks to engage with diverse audiences.  She is a strong advocate for doing things differently and for academic knowledge to be shared widely.  Rowena is ambitious about collaboratively engendering knowledge, skills, innovation and entrepreneurship for the benefit of the University, our students and the wider community.