Michelle Keeffe

PhD student

Michelle Keeffe is a PhD Candidate at QUT Business School and is a recipient of the QUT Postgraduate Research Award (QUTPRA). Michelle has a keen interest in gender diversity in entrepreneurial firms, particularly in STEM-related industries. Her PhD research investigates the relationship between the founding team, firm growth and the physical and social factors that could influence the imprinting of gender diversity into an organisation’s routines, culture, and systems. The findings of her research are intended to facilitate more effective implementation of diversity structures in entrepreneurial firms in STEM-related industries. Michelle’s supervisors are Associate Professor Artemis Chang and Associate Professor Wasana Bandara.

Prior to commencing her PhD, Michelle completed her undergraduate studies in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Honours 2A) at University of Southern Queensland and her Masters in Business Psychology (graduating with Distinction) through the University of Newcastle. Michelle brings extensive real-world experience to her research after an expansive career in systems engineering, technical consulting, project management, leadership development and consulting.