Jovanna Nathalie Cervantes Guzmán

PhD student

Jovanna Nathalie Cervantes Guzmán, PhD Student at QUT. She has a Master’s degree in Marketing Management and a Ph.D. in Management Sciences at the University of Guadalajara. She was a professor at the University of Guadalajara (CUCEA) and has training in the area of entrepreneurship from Boston University and Arizona State University.

As a woman entrepreneur, Nathalie is the CEO and co-founder of the brand “Atellier Organic Joyas de Autor”. Also, she founded “EVA ACADEMY” which focuses on helping women become entrepreneurs in vulnerable sectors, with the support of grants from the US Department, IREX, and Arizona State University. She was a finalist in the category of Creative Industries in ‘TIC Jalisco 2021″ by Young Americas Business Trust (YBAT) and Organization of American States (OAS). She won the ‘Women and Business Contest ” at the Pacific Trade Show 2019 in Toronto. She was selected as a fellow in the program “Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative 2020-2021” by the USA Department and IREX which select emerging entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs with the greatest potential in Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada. Selected to participate as an entrepreneurial professor in the Santander X Entrepreneurship Educator’s (SEE) Program by Santander and Oxentia (Oxford University Global Innovation Consultancy) presenting a special program that she developed at the University of Guadalajara focused on incentive entrepreneurship in young university students. Selected “2021 IMF Youth Fellow” by the International Monetary Found.

Finalist in “Falling Walls Science Breakthroughs of the Year 2021” in the category Future Learning, as a teacher and entrepreneur. Mentor in international NGOs focuses in incentives for women’s entrepreneurship. As a researcher, she has published articles and book chapters in international index magazines, and currently, she is an associate editor in an International Journal that is indexed in SCOPUS and Web of Science.