Graham Fellows

PhD Student. (and Manager, QUT foundry QUT Entrepreneurship)

Graham works with the Executive Director, QUT Entrepreneurship, to manage the QUT foundries, the hub for entrepreneurship at QUT with spaces at Gardens Point, The Precinct and Kelvin Grove, and teaches Entrepreneurship within the QUT Graduate School of Business D/MBA Programs. He started his career in community and international relations and then started his own business, trading cultural artefacts, jewellery, textiles, interior design and indigenous products. His most recent ventures are QUOD Architecture (architectural design services), Mass Diplomacy (corporate innovation) and Simul (a collaborative design platform for creative industries). Graham’s research focuses on individual differences, entrepreneurial mindset and cognitive flexibility within entrepreneurs. Graham’s latest study investigates entrepreneurial mindset and cognitive flexibility within entrepreneurs in behavioural experiments that include questionnaires, interviews, psychometric testing and distributed brain region activation by way of electroencephalogram (EEG). Do entrepreneurs exhibit higher capacity in all types of cognitive flexibility, does the study suggest the development of cognitive training?…If you’d like to be a part of the study contact us here at ACE.