Gareth Thomas

PhD Student

Gareth joins QUTACE following a long career in industry, working in both Europe and Australia. He is researching how entrepreneurs innovate in disrupted industries. Having graduated from London University with an undergraduate degree in Economics, Gareth won a scholarship from the Japanese government to study in Osaka. There, he secured an MSc in Economics before beginning his vocational career in manufacturing with Sony. Initially working in procurement and material control, he moved on to work in the semi-conductor industry with Hitachi, where he expanded his skill set into operations management and later, sales and marketing. Having reached a senior management role within Hitachi, he moved to Australia and completed an MBA at Griffith University.  Before beginning his PhD, Gareth worked for Canon Australia in sales and marketing roles, within both their consumer and B2B divisions.


Gareth is now in the final stages of completing his PhD, having worked as a lecturer at Griffith University, specialising in entrepreneurship, working at both undergraduate and master’s level. He has presented three papers at ACERE in recent years reporting on his research in Australia and Japan. A fluent Japanese speaker, he maintains extensive links in both the academic and business world with colleagues in Japan.


A recipient of sponsorship from the Printing Industries Association of Australia and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Gareth is keen to continue to further his research in business transformation and draw on his own personal experience of corporate entrepreneurship. An avid reader, he spends his time renovating his home and searching for good restaurants.